Belly Buddies: Helping Feed Eunice’s Most Vulnerable Children

The mission of Belly Buddies is to provide “Belly Bags” full of yummy and nutritious foods to needy students in Eunice grade schools on Friday afternoons. Thereby providing them with food that is easy to prepare and consume!


Feeding Eunice’s Most Vulnerable Children

We work with local teachers to know which children are most in need, and provide them with meals over the weekend, to aid in their growth and development.

What We Do

Each week , on Friday, Belly Buddies helps elementary school children have food to carry home for the weekend in their backpack.

What We Do

In St. Landry Parish, the number of children in the free and reduced-price meal program is 100%, with many of them at risk of childhood hunger and malnutrition.

By teaming up with belly buddies and Feeding Children, you can help with....

Improved attendance
Better test scores
Improved reading skills
Positive behavior
Improved all around health